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About Us

Credits: Paramount Pictures

Credits: Paramount Pictures


Theia, the Titan goddess of shining and light, a wearer of all that glimmers. As the mother of Sun, Moon and Dawn, she was the goddess of shining elements, dominating precious gold, silver and gemstones. Mon Theia is our gift to you. A reminder that you can too, be your own goddess, with your army of jewels. 

We see you and we get itlooking your best everyday can be quite a feat. "Big earrings—yay or nay?" "My neck looks a little bare. What do I wear?" "Is butter a carb?" We've been there, done that. Beautiful jewellery should be fun, accessible, and part of your personality, without breaking the bank. Our designs are modern and glamorous, without trying too hard. We're all about turning heads for the right reasons. 

Express your quirkiness and confidence, and let us be part of your glam squad. Get in babes, we're going shopping! Our first stop is HERE